counterfeit "Nike" shoes [Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News sell authentic shoes lose money, a man ran back to the origin Guangdong Jinjiang home, start a counterfeit "Nike" shoes business. Genuine 400 yuan one pair of "Nike", he went out as long as 18 yuan wholesale. Use a previous relationship, men will soon be transporting goods to the country. As he waited fortune when 26 police came to the door, and seized more than 22,000 pairs, worth millions of counterfeit "Nike" shoes. cheap foamposites 10 days ago, Shanxi, Jiangxi Park police station received a report from the masses, it was a lot of selling counterfeit "Nike" shoes in West Park. After secret police investigation found that counterfeit dens build warehouses in the field of community building on the first floor of a store, and the processing shop is far Chen Tai Temple in the village. Find out the dens of production, storage and sale of train, the police decided to close the net on the 26th. 15:00 more, the police Cheap air jordans for sale raided the dens. At that time the boss Sumou, is directing the workers to a warehouse of counterfeit shoes fitted van. Police caught the Sumou 4 people and seized more than 22,000 pairs of scene counterfeit "Nike" shoes. 18:00 more, the police and immediately rushed to the village of Um Chendai production of these counterfeit "Nike" shoes factory, the factory boss Lee's son back to the years under investigation. Sumou in the warehouse to identify the scene Upon review, Sumou year Retro jordans for sale over 30 years old, originally from the Jin Jiang Meiling Sanko day community, settled in Guangdong. Sumou said he has been doing in Guangdong sports shoes business, be big competition, loss of this. Business process, he found that now people are like big brand sports shoes, he would move from the crooked brains. Then, he returned to Jinjiang, from the beginning of February this year to 3-4 yuan per pair processing fee price, so Chongqing Lee production of fake "Nike" shoes, then accu cheap jordans for sale mulated through past sales network, sent to country. Currently, the case is still pending. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) on the morning of October 26th, the seventh China (Wenling) footwear, shoes materials and equipment exhibition opened in Wenling gymnasium. Wenling city currently has more than 4000 shoe-making enterprises, in 2006 the output value reached 17 billion 200 million yuan, becoming one of the country's la Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping rgest base of injection shoes, shoes Wenling city has become one of the six pillar industries, accounting for the city's total industrial output value of nearly 1/5. In August this year, China Association of light industrial arts and crafts import and Export Association awarded the "China's footwear export base" honorary title. Wenling footwear, shoes and equipment exhibition next year, provides a good platform for technological transformation of the local footwear footwear ente cheap jordan shoes for men rprise development, will further accelerate the pace of innovation of science and technology of Wenling footwear industry, continue to enhance the international competitiveness of the footwear development competitiveness, but also provide a better platform for further the footwear industry in foreign exchange and cooperation. it is understood that, in 2001 the first shoe exhibition, when the footwear industry in Wenling output value of only 9 billion 800 million yuan, this year Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping is expected to reach 20 billion yuan. Behind the rapid growth of the footwear industry, shoes exhibition can not be done. This year, the exhibition has a total of 280 exhibitors footwear enterprises, booths 381, the two figures increased by more than 40% over the previous year, attracted more than 100 places in Fujian, Guangdong, Shanghai and other import and export company to visit the procurement. 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